About Us

A Spiritual Journey

We all start on our spiritual journey for many different reasons. Most of us start this journey to find ourselves. Whatever your reason, each journey is unique to you. A spiritual journey can mean many different things to many different people, but whatever it means to you, we wish you love and light on your travels.

“Where thought goes energy follows”

Our Story

My spiritual journey started just over 2o years ago. I suppose since a child, I have always been interested in rocks and stones, and anything alternative. I needed something to fullfill my soul and found exactly what I needed by following a positive and spiritual path.

After studying for many years, teaching holistic therapies and offering treatments like crystal healing, Rieki and massage I started to wonder how I could get the spiritual tool-kits to mainstream without it all being overpriced. How could I offer, comfort , compassion and choice without a hands on treatment..

….and butterfly boxes was born

Whats in the name?

……Butterfly Boxes

Just like a butterfly, our human spirit must go through a sequence of transformations this allows us to grow into the best version of ourselves.

Butterflies signify a deep and meaningful representation of life. ….

Endurance * hope * new beginnings * change * transformation

In these modern times we at Butterfly Boxes believe everybody should look to the ancient beliefs to help relax, release and recharge our energy.

Crystal healing * Meditation * Smudging * Reiki infusions 

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