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Anxiety and Stress Light Butterfly Box


  1. Small Notebook

  2. Tumble stone Sodalite 

  3. Tumble stone Blue Howlite 

  4. Tumble stone Rainbow Fluorite

  5. Tumble stone Blue Tigers Eye

  6. Clear Quartz Point

  7. Palo Santo 

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Anxiety and Stress Light Butterfly Box

This Light Anxiety and Stress Box is brought to your as part of our Light Butterfly Boxes range, this range has been introduced to offer you  compact versions of our bigger boxes, we have selected significant crystals and pieces to make up each light box.

We have packed this box full of Crystals known to ease the feelings of stress and anxiety, we have included a small note book for your to write down your thoughts and feelings this is known to be a anxiety management technique, and Palo Santo which can be used to smudge the atmosphere lifting any heavy energies.



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