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Anxiety and Stress Butterfly Box


Anxiety and Stress Box

  1. Blue Druzy Bead Necklace

  2. Blue Druzy Ear Stood

  3. Blue Chunky Lapis chip bracelet

  4.  Small Notebook to jot down thoughts, feelings and affirmations

  5.  Blue Agite Slice

  6.  Rough Rose Quartz Chunk

  7. Tumble stone, Sodalite

  8. Tumble stone, Blue Howlite

  9. Tumble stone, Florite Rainbow

  10.  Tumble stone, Blue Tigers Eye

  11.  Clear Quartz Point Tumble

  12.  Palo Santo

  13. Himalayan Rock Salt (400g)

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    • 100% Satisfaction

There our many times throughout our lives when we may feel stressed our anxious and for many different reasons, starting a new job, moving house, upcoming exams, taking on a new project, financial matters, relationship reasons, just to name a few…

I personally, have lived with anxiety infrequently for the majority of my adult life. Over the years I have spoken to people about Anxiety, and many feel it is something to hide.

Once you master your own strategies to overcome the panic you will find you manage to live well with anxiety although it may not ever completely go away, talking to others can help.

I have found natural remedies and of course Crystals help along with breathing techniques.

Taking time out to relax, relief yourself of stress can really help.

We have packed the box with Crystals known to ease the feelings of stress and anxiety.


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