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Grief Butterfly Box


Grief Butterfly Box

  1. Angel Aura pendant with leather cord

  2. Tealight holder, wing shape with soy tealight

  3. Himalayan Salt (400g)

  4. Rose Quartz Angel

  5. Rose Quartz Power Bracelet

  6. Rose Quartz, rough crystal

  7. Selenite Heart

  8. Magano Tumblestone

  9. Rose Quartz Tumblestone

  10. Moonstone Tumblestone

  11. Meditation Incense

  12. Wooden ash catcher

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Grief comes in many shapes and sizes. It brings to us al types of emotions. It can be so painful it can make our chest feel like its going to collapse. It can take its time to take hold or it can overcome us within minutes. We can grieve over different situation, a loved one passing, a pet passing, a break up of a relationship. Grief is different for us all, and we may go through different stages at different times. It really is a blessing to know that time is a great healer, even if it doesn’t feel like it while you are suffering. Keep your beautiful memories close yo your heart and remember….. you are allowed to be happy.

We have included a serious of crystals for you to work with to support you through the grief you are feeling.


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