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Pulse Point Roller Balls Crystal Set


Introducing our new Pulse Point Rollers

We have decided to make this Box available at  massively reduced prices to spread some LOVE!

The gorgeous 10ml rollers are infused with Crystals and Essential Oils that have amazing benefits to help with confidence and low mood, Self Love and and anxiety and keeping calm.

Not only do they have amazing benefits they also smell beautiful.

  • Free P&P within mainland UK
  • All Crystal Properties Information Cards Included
  • Gift wrapped to impress

What’s in the Box?

Full set of Pulse Point Roller Balls Infused with Crystal’s and Essential Oils

  1. Happy Vibes Roller Ball
  2. Loved Up Roller Ball
  3. No More Stress Roller Ball

This Gift Box come with three accompanying Crystals.

  1. Tigers Eye Tumble Crystal
  2. Rose Quartz Tumble Crystal
  3. Amethyst Tumble Crystal

More Information on our Pulse Point Roller Balls

Made with Grapeseed Oil and  infused with Crystals and Essential Oils, 10ml Roller Balls.

  • Happy Vibes with Tigers Eye Crystals and Bergamot, Grapefruit and Ylang Ylang Essential Oils for confidence and to uplift you
  • Loved Up with Rose Quartz Crystals and Rose, Jasmine and Vanilla Essential Oils for Self Love
  • No More Stress with Amethyst Crystals and Patchouli, Clary Sage and Orange Essential Oils for calming vibes.


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